Congregational Board Members and Committee Chairs
June 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

President: Sue Roberts (2 year term)
Vice President/Membership: Victor Ashear
Treasurer: Ramona Stine
Secretary: Ayme Ahrens
Worship Chair: Michelle LaGory
Religious Education Chair (youth): Catherine Johnson / Ian Wallace
Long Term Planning: Barbara Walter

Care and Concerns Committee: Katie Egging, Mary Rathbun, Bernie Barlow, and Georgia Foster.  (no chair)

Social Action: not filled.
Ministerial Association: Roger Sanders

Webmaster: Bruce Tomsovic.

ListServ Emailing Lists: Ramona Stine.

UUFS Bylaws 2019 (pdf)

UUFS Safety Policy 52117 (pdf)